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My company deals with upgrading the clutch and transmission actuators of the Toyota vehicles with M-MT transmission actuator what are listed below.


Clutch Actuator

‘’It is no issue whatsoever during driving, however, when we slow down or stop and the transmission changes the gear back to 2-1, and then when we want to step on the accelerator because the traffic light has changed to green, or the junction cleared off, or possibly the pedestrians crossed the crosswalk, we do not go anywhere. It is unnecessary to accelerate, the engine runs neutral, the transmission is in vain to be in automatic mode it is always dropping the gear. I switch to manual, but that isn't working either. … The issue with this situation, is that we are fairly holding up the traffic behind us’’ (Source)

In that case as above mentioned,on the dashboard (depends on the type) the N grade sign flashing, and this error icon appears  on the dashboard, in the engine actuate we can read the P0808,P0810,P0900 error code, according to the details of error. We cannot run a car like this on the road without unduly holding up the traffic, besides it is extremely annoying when the car all of a sudden stops, and we cannot move.


Transmission actuator

This is one of the most perfidious error symptoms, namely it is not developing when we start,or gradually move in the traffic jam, but in between changing gears.

Also, all of a sudden the N gear sign starts flashing, and the  error icon appears on the dashboard, and we do not go anywhere. In an unfortunate situation, say the transmission stays in gear, and cannot retrograde anymore, this time the transmission stuck in the particular gear we used, and with multiple attempts, or cannot set the transmission in neutral gear at all. In the recent situation the vehicle engine cannot start until the transmission is not in neutral grade. I would like to make it clear that all of those who spread the legend as an idea, that the vehicle drops the gear according to the clutch been worn out, and the change of the clutch will resolve the issue. it won't resolve anything, and it is unnecessary to change the clutch plate, the car WON’T IMPROVE. Don't let yourself misinform, because in that case if the clutch wore off the clutch would simply slip when we give bigger throttle, as it does with all the manual transmission as the clutch ageing it is appearing in a similar way. in this case we can hear constant beeping.


I undertake the repair of any faults for the M-MT transmission at an affordable price, after my work performed I offer a 1 year warranty, which you can check in the profile menu after the repair and registration, furthermore I can guarantee that during the reparation I solely use ORIGINAL, manufacturer parts, which provides a long-term, reliable function!

In that case when the vehicle is immobilized, than I can undertake the reparation on site for the clutch actuator and the transmission actuator, but in the case of field-work depending on distance from Budapest I have to charge the field-work fee. Bp.:10.000 HUF, County Pest: 15.000 HUF, in other places I give a personal price offer.

The reparation starts with a full bodied diagnose. I use the best Launch, what gives me a full bodied diagnose for manufacturer rate engine/transmission/other periphery. in your request I will send your results via email. All of this for free of charge.

For data protection please, register on my website only after you placed your order for renewal/repair! Registration is only for customers who are using our service.


The renewal is a procedure which requires specialized knowledge and training, which is not necessarily certain, that a general mechanic can provide all the essential tools. I am repairing vehicles every week which someone already tried to fix with no success. When I have to fix others repair, I charge an extra 30%, this is why strongly recommended that is the renewal procedure is done by a specialist who has done this before and has specialization experience, respectively has appropriate level of experience.

Those who start their conversation, that ‘’we already renewed it, just have to train up’’ with all respect please, don't even call me, I don't wish to give my name for something like this, and redundantly just wasting my time, namely because bunglers has no clue how is it looks like to renew a M-MT transmission actuator.



Zoltan Katzenbach

Tel: +36703000006


Toyota Auris 2007- (NDE150, ZRE151)

Toyota Aygo (AB10, AB20, AB30, AB40)

Toyota Corolla Verso (ZNR11)

Toyota Corolla (ZRE151, NDE120)

Toyota Yaris (NLP10, NLP20, NLP90)